Especially for you, we will open the Ural Music Night information center. Here you can get answers to all your questions and get explanations about routes and programs. Also in the information center you can get a map of the festival, you can buy UMN branded souvenirs, and we will delight with promotions and other bonuses from our sponsors and partners.
Lenin Avenue, a monument to Tatishchev and de Gennin
22.10 (12.00 – 03.00)
Airport «Koltsovo»
21.10 (12.00 – 01.30)
Railway station
21.10 (12.00 – 01.30)
Sinara Center, 15 Verkh-Isetsky Boulevard
21.10 (12.00 – 01.30)
ККТ «Космос», ул. Дзержинского, 2
21.10 (12.00 – 01.30)


Ural Music Night Festival has free admission to all venues and easy movement within venues of the festival which are involved in the event. The PRESS badge will provide more loyalty from securities and venues’ representatives and eases the work for photographers and video operators. Applications for accreditation are accepted from May 25 until June 23 inclusive.

Coordinator of the project

Natalia Shmelkova

Press officer

Grigory Kolmogorov


Tatiana Nikonova

Press center


Ekaterina Kiseeva

Artists coordinator

Ekaterina Pologova