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220 000 guests. Absolutely free entry to all 80 festival music venues. Music of all genres and styles are on the water, on the land and in the air - on squares and rooftops, in dozens of bars and cafes, on stairs of the theatre and in the dungeons of old buildings, in libraries and parks, from the hotel windows and from the Opera balcony. Ural Music Night is a festival that brings together music and completely different people. It is the night when Ekaterinburg becomes one big concert venue and the music centre of the globe. The best musicians of the city, of our entire vast country and of the entire world perform on stages inscribed in the urban space. It doesn’t make sense to tell. Come here and become a part of the most ambitious music sight of Russia! Now this is your festival!
The organizing committee of Ural Music Night announces the postponement of the festival date: the epidemiological situation does not allow the Ural Music Night Festival to be held on June 26. Against the backdrop of the decision of E.V. Kuyvashev,the Governor of Sverdlovsk region and the Chairman of the organizing committee of our festival, on the extension of the mode of self-isolation until June 22, the likelihood of holding the Ural Music Night as scheduled is tending to zero. But we will do our best for Ural Music Night-2020 to take place in 2020. The reason for our decision is, first of all, concern for the safety and comfort of guests and participants of our festival. We hope that in the nearest future the situation in the city and the country will stabilize, and we all will meet again. Remember, #nightwillpass.
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