Iset Park

We collect a wide variety of hip-hop music on this venue so that everyone can enjoy what they like and look at the culture as a whole more widely, having become acquainted with new genres and music styles. 17:55-18:20 Toni Mo 18:20-18:45 ParaGil`z 18:45-19:10 NEU Stereo 19:10-19:35 TODO 19:35-20:00 Ayachcho 20:00-20:25 BIТYМ CREW 20:25-20:50 BRAZIS 20:50-21:30 GROT 21:30-22:00 SHOOMM 22:00-22:30 El Mashe 22:30-23:00 Belaya Kost 23:10-23:50 Khaski 23:50-00:20 Foresterz Band 00:30-01:30 LSP



Stage program

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6a Borisa Yeltsina Street